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This is a website created specially for uploading of photos into the site so that my own friends can share them through this site and can make any suggestions for the devolopement of this site.This site includes a lot of photos which were taken on various occasions like study tours,cultural programmes,freshers day and some funny trips.I made a yahoogroup for posting and receiving funny pictures and messages for all members of that group.If you are interested you can join in that.Here is a link given to that.you can join in by just clicking in that link.

about my college
our college is a #1 college in kerala.it's name is rajagiri college of engineering and technology.here we are enjoing our life to its max.we are the first batch of our college .here we have 4 branches ;applied electronics,electronics and communication,information technology and computer science.i'm in computer science branch.we have a lot of gangs in our college.the leading gangs are kokkayees,den,machaans,RIPs etc.
link to yahoogroups

how's it
this is one of the photo of me when i was in US

about me..
my name is rinosh k k.i have a lot of friends here so it's hard for me to specify their names individually.i am living in DEN so u call me a LION.other members of DEN are haseen,kartha,anish,padi and owen.relatives of the DEN includes famous gang KOKKAAYEES whose members are kiran,sanu,haseen,kartha,nishad and suhas and TRIPPLE'S' sujitha,sruthi and shahena .my friends call me rosh.i'm placing a link to yahoo group which i was created by me .its name is kidilans@yahoogroups.com.there is also one group which is reserved for the mebers of the den and its close relatives.its name is denthecave@yahoogroups.com.

the gang